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Monitoring and Evaluation.

Following the monitoring format designed with respect to specific indicators collectively decided, ÇATOMs use computers to develop their monthly, semi-annual and annual progress reports. These reports are then reviewed and consolidated by the GAP Administration and the Development Foundation of Turkey. Besides these reports, Social Impact Assessment in relation to ÇATOM is carried out biennially. ÇATOMs are treated as case studies by universities and institutions at national and international level and also ÇATOMs are a subject for academic theses.

In every two months, in some provinces, experiences and informations between ÇATOMs are shared and coordination meetings are held in order to organize events. Besides, 2-3 day training programs are organized and ÇATOM responsibles and trainers are encouraged to participate in domestic and international meetings, exhibitions and trainings under the name of “ÇATOM Training and Coordination” meetings twice a year devoted to ÇATOM responsibles, in terms of capacity-building support development, communication, gender equality, preparation of project and social development which is participated occasionally by trainers.

“As ÇATOM workers and managers our most significant experience this year was grasping better the importance of sharing information and including all potential participants in our activities. Recognising the importance and seriousness of reporting, monitoring and evaluation and sharing all these contributed much to our quality of work.” Mardin Ömerli ÇATOM
“In Şırnak Uludere ÇATOMs, ÇATOM employees have been supportive about teaching how to write a petition especially for illiterate women from villages and to move their files at the public institutions. In this way, day by day ÇATOM has been recognized and participation has risen considerably. In the past, people living in the villages did not even know the name of the ÇATOMs, but now it is the first place they visit.” Şırnak Uludere ÇATOM

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