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Apple iPad Retina IconThe GAP Administration engaged in a range of projects that integrate the economic, social and environmental dimensions of sustainable development through strategies for poverty alleviation and that focus on participatory approaches and capacity building for disadvantage groups from a gender perspective. One of the most important studies conducted in this regard, is Multi-Purpose Community Centres (ÇATOM) project.ÇATOMs came in light from Social Action Plan which was prepared based on the findings of five basic research conducted in the years 1992-94 by GAP and “Women’s Status and Development Process Integration Research in the GAP Region”, which is one of the research, Action Plan was prepared based on the findings. Read More

ÇATOM’s Major Goals

GAP Administration considers GAP project as a regional sustainable human development and focuses on human development. In this context, the most important goal is to contribute to the provision of equal opportunities by empowering women.
GAP’s goal is not only seen as economic growth, but also improving the quality of lifestyle. In this context, the goal is to increase the participation of women in the public sphere and to increase the level of benefiting from public services.
To initiate the gender balanced development and according to local conditions, to increase participatory community-based development in replicable model/models.

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