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Management and Approach.

Local requests are taken into consideration in the establishment ÇATOM and cooperation is maintained with administrative, and technical support is given to the project by Development Foundation of Turkey (TKV). In addition to participation of society in ÇATOMs, inter-organisational cooperation is also emphasised and efforts are made to expand cooperation and launch joint projects with local, national and international organisations. It is aimed to develop a healthy dialogue with ÇATOMs between most needy parts of society to support and governmental, non-governmental organizations; strengthen the foundations of human-centered, peaceful, democratic society.

ÇATOMs are managed by the ÇATOM Committees selected among participants. ÇATOM Committees consist of 5-7 people, a trainer selected by ÇATOM Officer and participants take part in the committees. By ÇATOM Committees, it is aimed to develop the capacity of women in management. In ÇATOMs, neighborly relations are developed by visiting households with members of the committees and households’ needs and priorities are identified. Local circumstances and needs as well as the participation of the target group are taken into consideration in identifying the ÇATOM programs. Integrated and flexible approach is adopted and ongoing participants to ÇATOMs are encouraged to participate in all programs. In parallel to developments, children have been included in the scope of ÇATOM programs, pre-school education programs and reading rooms have been launched. Men are included to programs such as health care and computer literacy even if it is partly. With cultural-social activities and with social support programs, all members of the household are intended to be reached.

“During our visits to homes, the presence of ÇATOM leader, direct interview with household heads and ÇATOM leaders’ involvement in promoting ÇATOM to their relatives and neighbours further enhanced participation. The ÇATOM leadership brought together participants when there was any order and made a division of work, which contributed to productivity.” Şanlıurfa Yakubiye ÇATOM

“The ÇATOM Leadership asked for a lawyer from Siirt Bar to come and inform the audience about women’s rights and the new Turkish Civil Code. The ÇATOM organised the meeting and ensured participation.” Siirt Kurtalan ÇATOM

Within the framework of cooperation established, ÇATOM buildings are provided by the Governorships, District Governorships and Municipalities. Also within te context of the cooperation with the civil administration, trainers are provided by and are charged with the relevant public institutions.

In addition to these contributions, ÇATOM was initiated in neighbourhood of Diyarbakır Bağlar with the cooperation of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey, GAP Administration and Governorship of Diyarbakır in 2005. ÇATOMs building and equipment costs were covered by the Directorate of the Grand Assembly and by the Diyarbakır Governorship and the fee and operating expenses were paid by the Governor ÇATOM Officer. Technical support was provided by the GAP Administration.

Similarly, upon Mardin Kızıltepe Governors Office’s request regarding launching a ÇATOM in Kiziltepe district, a project was prepared by GAP and it was presented to Social Risk Mitigation Project (SRAP). With the project approved by the SRAP, funding is provided for Kiziltepe ÇATOMs and in 2004, with the technical support of GAP Administration, ÇATOM was initiated by Kiziltepe Social Assistance and Solidarity Foundation.

In 2009, with the sponsorship of Eureko Insurance, ÇATOM was opened in Cermik district of Diyarbakir province. ÇATOMs fees and court costs of responsible business between the years 2009-2012 were covered by sponsor company and in April 2012 ÇATOM expenses were met by the GAP Administration.

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